2017 Holiday Coffee Flavors – Local Artisan Roasted

Gift Baskets

Holiday Flavors:                           Our Favorites:                          Exotics:

* Santa’s Naughty Surprise *         *Dark Bliss*                             *West Java Siliwangi*

* Jack Frost *                                *Hickory City Roast*                *Indian Monsoon*

* Rowdy Reindeer Toddy *             *Brazil Bobolink*                     *Rwanda Peaberry*

* Holidaydoodle *                          *Ethiopian Sidamo*                  *Uganda Ibende*

* Jingle Bell Java *

Our Favorites: 


Thirteen popular flavors of Holiday coffee!  They make great stocking stuffers (single pot packs are $3 each or 4 / $10) or 12oz bags are $11 each or 3 / $30).  Gift wrapping available for FREE! 

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