Coffee Menu

We carry more than 50 varieties of coffee from 4 continents and more than a dozen countries and ranging from light roast to dark French roast and everything in between. Many of our coffees are single origin coffees uniquely available through our roaster and acquired through direct trade relationships with growers in Indonesia, Brazil, Honduras, and other coffee-growing areas. Some of our coffees are organic or shade-tree grown, and others serve as fundraisers for worthy causes in our area and around the world. All of our coffee is locally, small-batch, artisan-roasted 100% Arabica beans. Custom blending and special orders make the total number of possible varieties limitless. To insure freshness, our supply is restocked weekly with beans roasted upon ordering.


Dark Roast

Brazil Bobolink

Light French Roast. Meets Sustainable Farming Standards. Smooth, rich, and delicious. One of our most popular coffees.

Colombian Supremo

Light French Roast

Dark Bliss (available in Decaf)

Our most popular coffee. French roast blend of Indonesian and African varieties

Einstein Dark

Our darkest French roast

Louisiana Blend

French roast with a bit of chicory

Newton’s Espresso (available in Decaf)


Medium Roast

Bali Blue Moon

Smooth but with a hint of pepper. One of Scott’s favorites. Organic.

Brazil Sao Francisco Peaberry

Rich, deep, and smooth medium roast. Meets sustainable farming standards.

Breakfast Blend (available in Decaf)

Combines two of our most popular – Dark Bliss and Ethiopian Sidamo.

Costa Rican Tarrazu

A very smooth and light roast. One of Scott’s favorites.

Ethiopian Sidamo (available in Decaf)

Another of Scott’s favorites. Very complex and pleasant. Organic.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffee

Kate’s favorite. On the darker side of medium. Organic

Guatemalan Ceylan

Smooth and delicious light roast. Organic. Sales support Rain Forest Alliance

Hickory City Roast

Unique full city roast blend. Starts bold; finishes smooth. Only available at Taste Full Beans.

Honduran Aldea de Chile Coto Family Farms

City roast, deep and smooth. Direct Trade. Shade grown.

Mexican Chiapas

A bold medium roast. Keegan’s favorite. Organic.

Rotarian Roast

One of a kind blend, deep, rich, and smooth. Proceeds support Hickory Sunrise Rotary charities including Hickory Soup Kitchen, Classroom Connections, Veterans Stand Down, and CVCC Scholarships

Rwandan Peaberry

One of our smoothest African coffees. Fair Trade. Sales benefit Rwandan Women’s Cooperative.

Sumatra Lintong Jumbo

One of the smoothest Indonesian coffees we’ve had. Direct Trade. Limited Availability.

Sumatra Mandheling

Smooth, rich, medium roast. One of our more popular varieties.

Tanzanian Peaberry

The peaberry means this one will have a bit more caffeine. Organic

Uganda Ibende

Nicely complex African medium roast. Organic

West Java Siliwangi

All the richness Indonesian coffees are known for. Direct Trade


Flavored Coffees


Bourbon Truffle

Butter Pecan

Caramel Pecan Pie

Chocolate Fudge

Chocolate Raspberry Cream

Creme Brulee

Decaf Chocolate Raspberry Cream

Decaf Highlander Grog

Decaf Jamaican Me Crazy

Decaf Toasted Coconut


Highlander Grog (caramel, vanilla, and brandy)

Holidaydoodle (seasonal)

Jack Frost (seasonal)

Jamaican Me Crazy (caramel, Kahlua, and vanilla)

Jingle Bell Java (seasonal)

Pumpkin Spice (seasonal)

Rowdy Reindeer Toddy (seasonal)

Salted Caramel

Santa’s Naughty Surprise (seasonal)

Snickerdoodle (cinnamon and vanilla)


Toasted Coconut

Vanilla Buttercream

White Chocolate Mousse


Popular Custom Blends

Amaretto Fudge

Brazil Peaberry & Costa Rican

Costa Rican & Dark Bliss

Cup of Joy (White Chocolate Mousse, Hazelnut, Brazil Santos)

German Chocolate Cake (Chocolate Fudge, Toasted Coconut, Caramel)

Mochadoodle (Chocolate Fudge, Snickerdoodle)

White Chocolate Toasted Coconut