Meet Eli, our local Roaster

Coffee has been a part of Eli’s life since he was a child, having been literally “raised in a coffeehouse” owned by his parents.

His passion and commitment to the art and science of roasting coffee are evident in each 4lb batch of beans he roasts.  He has a knack for bringing out the best qualities of each variety of beans he acquires.

He also works with growers from 4 continents and more than a dozen countries to develop unique flavor profiles, such as the Sumatra Toba that is dry-processed on raised platforms to overcome the Indonesian rainfall that typically necessitates the use of soaking techniques to separate bean from fruit.

Most of the beans he uses are organically-sourced and fair trade, and many come directly from growers he has developed meaningful relationships with over his 17 years of roasting experience. Some of the beans are only available from Eli as he purchases a growers’ entire annual crop.

Eli’s flavored coffees are yet another representation of his commitment to quality and innovation.  He hand-mixes superior, organic beans and aromatic oil combinations developed by Eli himself to give even the most commonly found flavor a one-of-a-kind quality.

Should you ever have any special coffee requests, please let us know as Eli is always up for a challenge. And keep you eye on our Facebook page as we are occasionally able to pull him away from the roaster long enough to come hang out and chat!